Claiming compensation under a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement is a legal and civil right in the UK.

In 2000 the government withdrew legal aid in personal injury cases.  This was then replaced by a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement between solicitor and client.

There are a few situations where we can ask a client to pay their legal costs for example if the claim is fraudulent, although this is extremely rare.

‘No Win, No Fee’ Definition:-

‘No win, no fee’ agreements are a popular way of proceeding with personal injury claims. They can also be knows as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), which is the official name for ‘no win, no fee’ agreements.

The CFA ensures that if you do not win your personal injury claim, you do not have to pay your solicitor a fee for their time spent working on your case. Insurance will cover you against the other side’s costs and any other expenses you may incur, whilst pursuing your claim.

What do I have to pay if I am successful with my claim?

If you are successful in your claim, the losing party normally will be required to pay some of your legal fees.

There may be other costs in the case such as court fees, medical reports that you may incur during your claim, these are known as disbursements. Again, the losing party normally pays all or part of these costs.

You are however liable to pay your solicitor for any costs that the losing party has not paid.  At What’s My Deafness Claim Worth, we guarantee that you will pay no more than 25% of the compensation awarded to you.

What do I have to pay if I lose?

If you lose you will not have to pay your own solicitors’ costs, but you may have to pay the costs of the successful party and your disbursements, if any.

Your solicitor will normally arrange the insurance for you to cover these risks.  This is known as the ‘after the event’ (ATE) insurance policy. If you lose your claim the premium is waived.

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