Toolmaker received compensation for noise induced hearing loss

At What’s My Deafness Claim Worth we have recently successfully pursued a claim for noise induced hearing loss for a client who worked for over 20 years in very noisy workplaces.

Our client worked in the toolmaking industry, working for several different companies where he was exposed to noise and not provided with hearing protection.

Our client’s most significant exposure to excessive noise occurred when he worked for over 15 years at a company which made garden tools. In this job our client had to work in a room with 11 other employees. Our client and his colleagues all used grinding tools which created considerable noise. Our client also worked at times in the press shop where several very noisy metal presses were in operation.

The noise was so loud that our client had to raise his voice to be heard. At times he had to shout to communicate with his colleagues.

The working environment was also very hot and dirty which meant that it was uncomfortable for our client and his colleagues to wear the sponge ear plugs which were available. These were therefore regularly not worn.

At other noisy workplaces our client was not provided with any hearing protection at all.

When we pursued our client’s claim, all of the defendants disputed liability. However, we were able to successfully establish that our client had a valid claim and we recovered just under £6000 compensation for his hearing loss.

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