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Whats My Deafness Claim Worth has recently successfully pursued a claim to recover compensation for noise induced hearing loss arising from Mr. H’s past employment.

Our client was exposed to excessive noise in a number of different jobs.

Our client was employed as an apprentice weaver in a textile company where industrial looms created a considerable amount of noise. Our client would have to shout to colleagues if he wanted to communicate with them when the looms were operating.  It was impossible for him to have a normal conversation.

Our client was then employed for a number of years in the construction industry. Our client’s work in the construction industry included pipe laying, working in and around spaces with heavy machinery and working as a banksman close to heavy machinery. Our client was subjected to noise from Stihl saws, jackhammers or excavators, breakers, mini diggers and concrete breakers.

Our client was not provided with hearing protection by his employers when he was exposed to excessive noise.

In addition to his work in industry, our client was also exposed to excessive noise for a number of years when he served in the Forces. However, during this time our client was provided with double hearing protection in the form of ear plugs and ear defenders.  Therefore, our client’s period of service in the forces did not contribute to his noise induced hearing loss.

We were able to establish that the employers who had exposed our client to excessive levels of noise without hearing protection were responsible for him developing noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus.  They had exposed him to dangerous levels of noise and failed to provide him with the necessary protection.

Our client had noticed that he was starting to suffer with hearing loss when he moved in with his partner who realised that our client watched the television with the volume turned up particularly high.

Our client had a hearing test and was advised that he was suffering with noise induced hearing loss.

We were able to recover nearly £7,000 compensation for our client.

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