Compensation awarded to toolmaker for noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus

What’s My Deafness Claim Worth have successfully pursued a claim for a client who suffered noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus while employed as a toolmaker for two different engineering companies in the West Midlands.

Our client worked as a toolmaker for over thirty years, initially as an apprentice toolmaker and subsequently when his apprenticeship ended.

Our client’s first job, for four years, was at an engineering firm which  employed around 40 people. Our client worked in various different parts of the factory. He carried out various noisy processes, including grinding work, drilling, using caxtons, lathes, hand saws and larger saws.

As well as our client using noisy tools, his colleagues working around him did similar work, which increased the overall level of noise our client was exposed to.

On one particular machine large steel rods were machined. The rods would be put into casings which held the rods in place. When our client worked on this machine, the steel rods would shake within the casing and create an incredible noise.

The noise was so loud that our client and his colleagues could not even communicate by shouting. They had to gesture with each other with hand signals. Despite this the company did not provide any hearing protection.

Our client then worked for over 30 years at a second engineering company. In this job he worked with drills, milling machines, caxtons, lathes, grinders, threading machines and presses.

There were also eight bespoke manufactured ‘multi-machines’, these were very large machines which carried out approximately ten different processes on a casting, allowing the complete processing of a casting to be carried out on just one machine. As there were a number of processes going on at the same time with these machines they were very loud

Once again in this employment our client and his colleagues had to communicate with hand signals as it was too loud to communicate even by shouting. Hearing protection was not provided at the start of this employment. Ear plugs were introduced after some years, but frequently ran out and therefore were often unavailable.

Recently our client noticed a deterioration in his hearing, particularly when in a large group of people. He also started noticing high pitched tinnitus sounds in his ears on a regular basis. Fortunately our client’s tinnitus does not prevent him from getting to sleep at night.

We were able to recover of £5,600 for our client’s noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus.

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