Compensation awarded to steelworker suffering with hearing loss and tinnitus

What’s My Deafness Claim Worth has successfully pursued a claim for a client who suffered noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus as a result of around 15 years that he spent working for British Steel, which during the course of our client’s employment became Corus Group then later Tata Steel.

Our client carried out various different processes within a steel works.

Our client worked in a galvanising plant operating machinery. The galvanising machinery created considerable amounts of noise.

In addition, our client worked in an effluent plant recycling chemicals. This work was also noisy.

Our client also worked at British Steel on a colour coat line. He worked in a paint kitchen, driving forklift trucks, mixing paint and packing coiled steel. Our client worked with air powered mixing machines, air banding machines and air cutters.  Working on the colour coat line, our client would be constantly surrounded by noise.

The noise at the steel works was sufficiently loud that our client would have to shout to be heard by colleagues standing a short distance away.

For around the first eight years of his employment with British Steel, our client was not provided with any hearing protection at all. After this time, hearing protection was brought in.

Our client’s employment with British Steel was his only exposure to excessive noise, either at work or elsewhere. After he left the steelworks he didn’t carry out any other noisy work.

Our client started suffering with tinnitus around six years before he contacted us. The ringing he heard in his ears made it harder for him to get to sleep. He started having to increase the volume on his television in order to be able to hear it properly and his wife noticed that at times he would not hear her when she spoke to him.

We were able to successfully pursue our client’s claim. We obtained a medical report from an independent ENT Consultant which confirmed that our client was suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus and that both of these were caused by his exposure to excessive noise at British Steel.

We dealt with solicitors representing Tata Steel, the successor company to British Steel and Corus. Our client received £6,250.00 compensation.

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