Compensation awarded to fitter for industrial deafness

What’s My Deafness Claim Worth have successfully pursued a claim to recover compensation for noise induced hearing loss and related financial losses on behalf of a client who worked for several different tool hire and plant hire companies.

Our client worked for a total of approximately 14 years as an apprentice fitter and then a fitter for three plant hire companies.

Our client’s duties involved testing and repairing a wide range of tools that were hired out to customers and then returned.

Due to the high turnover of hiring and the usage that each tool was subjected to, our client had to carry out repairs maintenance and testing on a daily basis.

The tools our client worked with ranged from power drills, saws and generators to cement mixers and air tools such as pneumatic breakers and pneumatic drills.

Our client usually worked in a workshop repairing tools on a bench and often worked in close proximity to colleagues doing a similar job. Our client was therefore surrounded by considerable noise levels throughout his employment with all three plant hire companies.

If our client needed to communicate with his colleagues he had to shout due to the excessive level of noise. He was not provided with any hearing protection by any of his employers.

Recently our client noticed the deterioration in his hearing and he also started suffering from ringing in his ears known as tinnitus.

Our client went to his GP who referred him for a consultation at the ENT department at his local Hospital. Our client had a hearing test and was diagnosed with noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus.

We were able to successfully pursue our client’s claim against all three companies. We were able to establish that the companies were negligent as a result of exposing our client to excessive levels of noise and for failing to provide any hearing protection.

We were able to successfully recover almost £6,000 compensation for our client.

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