Client wins £8,000 in case against Union Electric Steel Limited

We dealt with a successful claim for a gentleman who was diagnosed with noise induced hearing loss after being exposed to loud noise levels during the course of his employment with Union Electric Steel Limited (formerly known as Armstrong Whitworth Limited) between 1963 and 1969 and Vinters Armstrong Limited between 1969 and 1972.

At Union Electric, both he and his colleagues regularly had cause to use a variety of pneumatic tools which created a horrific noise. He would use a pneumatic grinder to cut the steel’s corners. He would also use this tool to grind castings down. The castings would usually be used as oil well castings. When he used the grinder, the noise level was so loud that it became impossible to have a conversation with a colleague even if they both shouted at the top of their voices. He also used pneumatic drills and nut fasteners which created similar noise levels within the factory. All of his exposure to noise occurred within a few feet of where the noise was being generated and he was therefore exposed to extremely high levels during this time.

When working for Vinters our client regularly had cause to use pneumatic sanders, grinders and drills during his time in the press shop and 12 and 14 shops, all of which made extremely loud noise. They were the same type of tools he used during his first period of work with Armstrong Whitworth.

We successfully recovered damages totalling £8,000.00 from both Defendants which compensated our client for his suffering arising from his noise induced hearing loss as well as for future hearing aid costs.

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