New Gene Therapy for Severe Hearing Loss

Published on 12th January 2015

A new study is due to be piloted to assess the safety and tolerability of gene therapy with those who have severe hearing loss. Pioneers, the company who have created the idea behind the clinical study for Novartis AG, a global healthcare ... Read Article

Loud toys are on the naughty list this Christmas

Published on 9th December 2014

Noise induced hearing loss is a common problem amongst those who work in noisy environments. We are also seeing a rise in noise induced hearing loss in music loving teenagers who listen to personal music players at too loud a volume. Now, ... Read Article

Keighley Furniture Firm Fined for Excessive Noise Levels

Published on 5th December 2014

Fibreline Limited, a company which manufactures feather, foam and fibre filled products for the furniture industry, has recently been found guilty of exposing its employees to excessive levels of noise without suitable hearing protection. Based in Keighley, West Yorkshire, Fibreline employs over ... Read Article

Reversing the effects of noise induced hearing loss

Published on 2nd December 2014

Researchers have been able to recover hearing in mice that suffered noise induced hearing loss.  This could lead to research developments into recovering hearing in humans, as the aim of their study was to be able to find new therapies that restore ... Read Article

Noise Levels In The Workplace

Published on 25th November 2014

An initiative piloted by the Health and Safety Executive to assess noise levels in the work place and its health risks took place between the 22nd September and 17th October of this year. 1,748 sites were inspected unannounced by the HSE and ... Read Article

Having a hearing test

Published on 24th November 2014

Here at What’s My Deafness Claim Worth we have an in-house Audiologist, Helen. We asked her what people can expect when having a hearing test: In May 2012 I went on a course run by a Consultant Audiologist and Instructor, this taught ... Read Article

Media mislead public about deafness risk of wind turbines

Published on 19th November 2014

When talking about the volume of sounds people can often be surprised at how loud everyday things are. People with extremely good hearing can hear sounds as quiet as -15dB where the normal hearing threshold is usually around 0dB. Rustling leaves register ... Read Article

Diagnosis of Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Published on 15th November 2014

People that develop hearing problems at a later stage in life can often associate this with age rather than noise induced hearing loss or an underlying problem and, therefore, do not visit a doctor when they first begin suffering with hearing loss ... Read Article