Volume in restaurants comparable to factories

We often ask our noise induced hearing loss clients if they have ever had any noisy hobbies, such as shooting or riding motorcycles but we may need to add ‘eating out’ to the list.

An article recently published in The Daily Mail has highlighted how noisy restaurants can be. Whilst the background buzz in an eatery can add to the atmosphere, some venues are getting so loud they could potentially damage your hearing.

In Spain, it appears that people are the issue, so much so that more than 20 restaurants have joined an initiative encouraging diners to be quiet. However, here in the UK, the restaurants themselves may be the problem.

The trend for sleek, stripped back decor, open plan kitchens, uncarpeted floors and tables without cloths, are all contributing to rising noise leves. Add a full sitting of diners, all chatting over their meals and the volume increases further. Many venues also play music, which may add to the ambiance but definitely adds to the overall noise levels.

Whilst the noise levels in restaurants can be annoying and cause difficulty when trying to hold a conversation, are they loud enough to cause hearing loss?

The Daily Mail measured the sound levels at 9 different restaurants, noting the maximum volume at each. Two venues recorded maximum volumes of over 105dB, the highest being 110dB. This restaurant’s volume averaged at 89dB. Such levels are comparable to those found in factories and are within the ranges whereby employers should be providing staff with hearing protection as prolonged exposure to such high noise levels could cause temporary or even permanent hearing problems.

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