Tips to get through Christmas with hearing loss

It’s beginning to feel festive, as across the UK schools are putting on Nativity plays, trees are being trimmed and presents are being wrapped. Christmas can be truly magical, whether his entails spending time with the family or maybe overindulging a little over dinner. Yet, while the kids are getting excited about Father Christmas’s impending visit, it can be a daunting time for those suffering with hearing problems. Christmas can be a very social time of year but if you struggle to hear others in social evironments, this can be extremely isolating. To try and help ease any anxiety, we’ve come up with our top tips for coping with hearing loss at Christmas:

  • Pick your seat carefully

Whether it’s around the family dinner table or at the work’s Christmas do, where you sit can play a huge role in how much you hear. It can help to sit with your back to a wall, this reduces the amount of background noise behind you, helping you hear the important sounds.

  • Wear your hearing aids

Many people hate wearing their hearing aids, however, they can be very helpful. Try testing the different settings on your aids prior to an event so you can get the best out of them.

  • Don’t pretend

We’ve all done it, you haven’t heard what someone has said and so you just smile and nod, hoping its the right response. If you are having trouble hearing someone, tell them! They can then adjust their volume to suit you and it willl make the encounter much more enjoyable to both.

  • Speak to those near you

At a crowded Christmas party it can be difficult to hear across the table, even for people with good hearing. Don’t push your hearing to the limits, speak to those sat near you and you have a better chance of hearing them. You could even swap seats for the next course so you can speak to more people.

  • Take breaks

All that music and conversation can take its toll on us, particularly if you struggle to hear and have to concentrate on listening. Taking a short break in a quiet area can help you clear your heard and boost you if you are starting to flag.

  • Be realistic

Don’t expect to hear everything. Christmas can be chaotic and even those with perfect hearing are likely to miss something. Enjoy what you can hear and speak up if you need people to be louder.

You might be dreading the festivities and although it may be difficult at times, we hope that our tips will help you make the most of Christmas.

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