The Big Hearing Check


From the 19th August until 15th September 2015 Action on Hearing Loss, for the second year running, are teaming up with Boots Hearing Care to run the Big Hearing Check. The partners have joined forces in an attempt to create greater awareness of hearing loss by trying to ensure that people take more of an interest in their general health by undergoing regular hearing tests.

Action on Hearing Loss will be located at a number of Boot Hearing Centres across the country throughout the course of the next month to offer advice and support to hearing loss sufferers.

You may have noticed yourself that your hearing isn’t as good as it used to be and that you’re struggling to follow conversations and may be asking people to repeat themselves. If you are noticing or have noticed that you have slight hearing loss, it is not advisable to ignore this. You now have a chance to visit a Boots Hearing Centre near you to undergo a hearing test where you can speak to specialists regarding your hearing loss and what treatment options are available to you.

As Action on Hearing Loss have already found from a study conducted in 2011, there are more than 10 million people in the UK suffering with some form of hearing loss, around 6.4 million of which have reached retirement age (65+) and 3.7 million of whom are of working age (16 – 64).

The overall total of hearing loss sufferers, due to the aging population, is set to rise to 14.5 million by 2031.

A large proportion of people in the UK suffering with hearing loss have age related losses. A proportion of these people with hearing loss will have had their loss accelerated by exposure to noise throughout their lifetime. For the smaller percentage of people between the age of 16 and 64, their hearing problems are statistically less likely to be suffering with age related losses, especially in respect of those aged 50 or below with the direct source of the problems usually being caused by environmental factors such as noise or ototoxic medication or other underlying medical problems.

Those who are suffering with noise induced hearing loss generally find that their hearing at lower frequencies is normal for their age but their hearing thresholds in the higher frequencies have deteriorated and may even show a notch or a bulge on their hearing test results which may indicate hearing loss due to exposure to noise.

The source of the noise may be as a result of social noise exposure such as listening to loud music frequently or attending music concerts on a regular basis. However, many others may have noise induced hearing loss as a result of working noisy environments. Exposure to noise at work is caused by employers failing to provide their employees with adequate hearing protection and as a result of failing to limit noise exposure to safe levels.

If you have noticed in the last few years that you have a degree of hearing loss or have noticed friends and family complaining that you are struggling to hear them and have worked in a noisy working environment in the past, then you may be suffering with noise induced hearing loss.

The list of clinics where you can attend for a hearing test until the 19th September 2015 are listed on the website below and there is sure to be a clinic close to you:-

At the clinic, after you have had your hearing test, you may be advised to visit your GP if your hearing loss is showing cause for further investigation. You are then likely to be referred to hospital to be seen by an ENT consultant. You may also be told that your hearing loss appears to be as a result of exposure to noise. If this is the case, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss a potential “no win no fee” claim with you, without obligation.

What’s My Deafness Claim Worth has extensive experience in dealing with people suffering with hearing loss and tinnitus. We have a specialist team of industrail deafness solicitors, as well as a fully trained audiologist, who will fight for the compensation that you deserve. Our team understands that it can be a very difficult and daunting time for you and they will do their best to offer an unparalleled support network and specialist legal expertise. If you have suffered a personal injury, which was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim for compensation.If you are suffering from loss of hearing, buzzing or ringing in your ears, you may be entitled to claim for compensation.

If you have been affected by hearing loss or exposure to noisy working environments you should not hesitate to contact us or to try our ‘Calculate my Claim’ feature on the right hand side of this page to see what your claim may be worth. We understand that the symptoms that you are suffering from can have serious consequences on your day to day life. When fighting for your compensation we take into account any time you have had to take off work, any treatment you have had to pay for including the cost of hearing aids and any other losses that you may have incurred.

Claims are dealt with on a no win, no fee basis so if we are unsuccessful in your claim you do not pay anything. If your claim is successful you will keep at least 75% of the compensation that is awarded.

Call 0800 849 8700 to speak to a member of our specialist team of Industrial Disease lawyers who will assist you further with this matter.

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