Proposed NHS cuts rejected

We recently wrote about proposed cuts to hearing aid services in North Staffordshire.

At the end of September the North Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) came before the Healthy Staffordshire Select Committee to go through proposals. The proposed cuts would have affected up to 37,000 people suffering with mild to moderate adult onset hearing loss.

The proposals were rejected and the committee proposed a motion stating they could not accept the proposals ‘as they stand’.

There was a strong public opposition to the proposals with over 6,000 people signing a petition. The public opinion has now been bolstered by the opposition from the Healthy Select Committee which has the power to make reports and recommendations to NHS bodies.

The CCG can take the matter further, to the Secretary of State for Health, should they not accept the Committee’s motion and we will keep you updated as to any developments.

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