Proposed cuts to NHS hearing aid services

In June this year the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for North Staffordshire announced proposals to withdraw the provision of NHS-funded hearing aids for adults with mild to moderate age-related hearing loss.

Action On Hearing Loss, a charity which provides support for people suffering with hearing loss and tinnitus, is opposing the proposals and has set up a campaign and a petition against the changes.

WhatsMyDeafnessClaimWorth support the campaign as such NHS cuts could set a precedent across the rest of the UK. Denying NHS hearing aids to those suffering with hearing loss could be devastating for individuals, particularly those who cannot afford to pay for expensive hearing aids themselves.

Many people see hearing loss as a minor ailment or a sign of getting older that has to be put up with. However, those suffering with hearing loss can find it significantly affects their lives causing isolation, embarrassment and frustration. Taking away NHS-funded hearing aids could mean taking away a person’s social life, which can be a lifeline for them.

If you would like to support the campaign and sign the petition, please visit:

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