Club owner, Peter Stringfellow and his struggle with hearing loss


Listening to loud music in his clubs over the course of the last 50 years has left entertainment business mogul, Peter Stringfellow, now aged 75, with damage to his hearing.  He recently gave a very full and frank description of how it affects his day to day life explaining that he initially developed tinnitus, a ringing or buzzing in the ears, and later noticed his hearing was deteriorating.  At first this was primarily in his left ear but he is now losing his hearing in his right ear and wears hearing aids in both ears.  He says they are fantastic and not visible to the naked eye so make him feel less self-conscious.

This type of hearing aid, which sits inside the ear, is not issued as standard on the NHS and costs can run into the thousands, particularly when maintenance and replacements are factored in.  By making a noise related hearing loss claim, the costs of these preferential hearing aids can be factored in and certainly any hearing loss compensation received can be spent on purchasing the most beneficial and discreet hearing aids.

Peter Stringfellow says that his hearing aids allow him to hold a normal conversation with people.  Without the hearing aids he is very debilitated and relies on lip reading to communicate. He hopes that he will hang onto the remainder of his hearing for another 10 years but sadly the affects of ageing mean he is likely to experience a continuing worsening of his hearing.  He says that he would like to think a cure would be found but says incredibly it’s the thing we know least about in the body.  He says that we are talking about going to Mars and we have been to the moon but we cannot fix ears yet.

Hearing loss is a condition which affects about 11 million people in the UK and tinnitus is a particularly intrusive condition which affects about 6 million. A proportion of these people have an element of noise related hearing or tinnitus and may be eligible to claim compensation to cover the cost of good quality hearing aids.

What’s My Deafness Claim Worth has extensive experience in dealing with people suffering with hearing loss and tinnitus. We have a specialist team of solicitors, as well as a fully trained audiologist, who will fight for the compensation that you deserve. Our team understands that it can be a very difficult and daunting time for you and they will do their best to offer an unparalleled support network and specialist legal expertise. If you have suffered a personal injury, which was not your fault, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.If you are suffering from loss of hearing, buzzing or ringing in your ears, you may be entitled to claim for compensation.

If you have been affected by hearing loss or exposure to noisy working environments you should not hesitate to contact us or to try our ‘Calculate my Claim’ feature on the right hand side of this page to see what your claim may be worth. We understand that the symptoms that you are suffering from can have serious consequences on your day to day life. When fighting for your compensation we take into account any time you have had to take off work, any treatment you have had to pay for including the cost of hearing aids and any other losses that you may have incurred.

All claims are dealt with on a no win, no fee basis.

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