Former nuclear laboratory workers found to have hearing loss

Published on 26th August 2016

A report in the United States has found that hearing loss is the most common disorder among former nuclear laboratory workers in that country. The Former Workers Screening Programme has indicated that 60% of former nuclear laboratory workers employed by the US ... Read Article

The ten jobs most likely to cause hearing loss

Published on 17th August 2016

  If you are exposed to excessive levels of noise at work or elsewhere for prolonged periods then you run the risk of sustaining noise induced hearing loss or tinnitus. If noise levels are above 85dB for prolonged periods then UK employers ... Read Article

High risk of hearing problems for dental hygienists

Published on 1st August 2016

A survey in the United States has found that dental hygienists are at particular risk of developing noise induced hearing loss. The study, published recently in the Journal of Dentla Hygiene, obtained information from over 1000 dental hygienists, who had each been ... Read Article

Farm work my result in hearing loss

Published on 14th July 2016

A United States study carried out by the National Farm & Medicine Center, which is part of the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation has found that working on a farm or growing up on a farm may adversely affect hearing. The study followed ... Read Article

Is shopping damaging your hearing?

Published on 8th June 2016

  A trip to the shops can be an assault on the senses with crowds of people invading personal space, pushing and shoving, then there’s the sound system with piped music, interspersed with announcements of the latest deals. It’s enough to make ... Read Article

Celebrities with noise induced hearing loss or tinnitus

Published on 31st May 2016

Hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noise affects millions of people worldwide. Noise exposure can result from prolonged working in a loud industrial environment, or from exposure to other sources of loud noise. Many celebrities are known to suffer from noise-induced ... Read Article

NIHL compensation paid following exposure to noise in the RAF.

Published on 25th May 2016

What’s My Deafness Claim Worth’s industrial deafness solicitors have recently successfully obtained noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus compensation on behalf of a former RAF officer, who was exposed to excessive noise for over 30 years in the RAF. Our client worked ... Read Article

Noise induced hearing loss causes legendary rock singer to curtail his career

Published on 17th May 2016

The dangers to hearing from exposure to loud music have once again been highlighted following the news that Brian Johnson, lead singer of rock group AC/DC has had to give up touring due to his hearing loss. The legendary rock band had ... Read Article